Zakiya Larry LIVE: The Top Episodes of 2019

Uncategorized Dec 13, 2019

Zakiya Larry LIVE: The Top Episodes of 2019 

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Elevate the Brand Called You

Uncategorized Dec 13, 2019

Out now! I'm so honored to be a guest on the esteemed, brilliant Pamela Benson Owens' podcast, #Rooted.

My secret is, #branding is my ministry. 

I use specific techniques, gifts and TheZMethod to uncover the very core of your being. I better define your brand from there.

This helps you to connect better and #elevate faster. On top of that, it has helped so many #heal their souls and find their direction in life. Seriously. 

Sounds crazy, but I explain how I do it and what that means for some of the biggest brands on the globe, and even yours.
My #mediacoaching#speaking and #PR work flow from there.

I even spilled the beans on some very personal, never before discussed challenges, because, um....Pam THE Benson Owens. 

Thank you, Pam, for the chills and exclamations that happened during this REAL, RAW convo. Whew!

Let's talk identity, success and #entrepreneurship!...
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SAY WHAT!?!? I'm Featured in O, The Oprah Magazine

Uncategorized Dec 13, 2019



Spoiler alert: I'm giving #elevated speaking tips for an amazing holiday. 

1. Click and see


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